Developing a Stronger Team: 

1.  Create a community where people drive 94 miles an hour to work and don’t want to leave.

2.  Make sure people know that we care about them a lot personally and professionally.  Like I mean CARE ABOUT THEM A LOT.

3.  Push people hard.  Really hard. Have a vision for them to way higher levels then they have for themselves.  Really get them out of their box and don’t let them get comfortable.  They can do way more.  Believe that.  If you don’t, there is no way that they will.  You are the leader.  Show it.  Every day.

4.  Inspire people!  Get them pumped up.  Jazzed.  Energized.  Lots of people are walking through life half asleep.  WAKE EM UP.  Catch them doing lots of things right.  LOTS OF THINGS.  People love love love love attention, feedback, and to have someone else give a crap about them as a human being.  Most don’t.  Especially notice the “small stuff.”  What they wear, something funny they did.  And make it so motivational in the workplace that they can’t wait for you to come around the corner and tell them the next bananas thing you just thought of!