Make This A Part Of Your Talent Evaluation If You Want To Make Your Company Better

There are two types of people that work at companies…DRIVERS and REPORTERS.

Drivers are really badass. They are the movers and shakers of every company. They push themselves and others to be on their A-game all of the time. They hit and create deadlines and goals without being asked. They’re always consistent and have total focus on the job. Their intensity level is high, and they are rarely out or sick. They want to see things moving forward. It’s important to them. Drivers will be your greatest asset to a company. They rock.

Reporters aren’t nearly as cool. They don’t bring much to the table. They sit around talking about everyone else. They point the finger and comment on others. They like to gossip. Reporters typically aren’t “doers”, they are “observers” of the doers. Reporters tend to take smoke breaks and bitch about things. They are more interested in who’s going to the bar with who then they are in pushing initiatives forward. Some of my buddies growing up are reporters. I like socializing with them, but I try not to hire them. I will admit sometimes I interview a reporter, and they wear an awesome disguise as a doer. I’m not that into reporters as it relates to people that can’t move the needle.

A quick thought this Sunday morning.

Make it a great one. Go find some Drivers.



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