Listen To Your Own Strutting Music And Strut All Day Long

As I approach 49 one thing is probably more clear to me than anything else….most people don’t know shit.

As kids we are taught to listen to adults. As young adults we are supposed to be paying close attention and be respectful to our elders. And then one day you’re in between 48 and 49 and you’re realizing how much poor advice you received along the way from small thinkers who were being safe when that isn’t at all what you were trying to do.

So I say forget that.

Turn your OWN thoughts UP in your head if you are trying to be exceptional. And revel in them. And love them. And commit to them. Especially if they are BIG!! The bigger the thinker you are, the more this blog applies to you. If you are thinking safe and small and you’re not sure, get advice. If you are thinking gigantic and big, you are more on your own. Why? Cause 97.6% of people are thinking way smaller than you my friend.

My buddy told me one day this winter to “listen to your strutting music all day long. And strut to that music”. When he said that to me it set my brain on fire. He was right. And he didn’t mean it in the way I’m describing here, but I’m not sure there is a better way to think than that.

If you’re focused on becoming great/kicking ass/chasing exceptional….you can’t listen to much of what others tell you. Cause most aren’t.  And they don’t get it. They’re holding on tight to “good enough” and praying every night it is.

So I say forget them.

Listen to YOUR music. It’s your best shot at greatness.

Have a great Sunday.


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