Make This A Part Of Your Talent Evaluation If You Want To Make Your Company Better

There are two types of people that work at companies…DRIVERS and REPORTERS.

Drivers are really badass. They are the movers and shakers of every company. They push themselves and others to be on their A-game all of the time. They hit and create deadlines and goals without being asked. They’re always consistent and have total focus on the job. Their intensity level is high, and they are rarely out or sick. They want to see things moving forward. It’s important to them. Drivers will be your greatest asset to a company. They rock.

Reporters aren’t nearly as cool. They don’t bring much to the table. They sit around talking about everyone else. They point the finger and comment on others. They like to gossip. Reporters typically aren’t “doers”, they are “observers” of the doers. Reporters tend to take smoke breaks and bitch about things. They are more interested in who’s going to the bar with who then they are in pushing initiatives forward. Some of my buddies growing up are reporters. I like socializing with them, but I try not to hire them. I will admit sometimes I interview a reporter, and they wear an awesome disguise as a doer. I’m not that into reporters as it relates to people that can’t move the needle.

A quick thought this Sunday morning.

Make it a great one. Go find some Drivers.



It’s June 30, 2019 Which Means We Are Exactly Half Way Thru The year

It’s a significant check-in point as we are 50% of the way thru the only 2019 we are ever gonna get.

How are you doing on those New Year’s resolutions? How are your work and personal goals going?

It’s easy to get off track…and it’s also easy to get back on track. If you want to.

My deepest thought about goals are…if it’s important to you, you will do it.  If it’s not, you don’t. It’s really that simple. And you may want to re-evaluate all of your goals with that in mind. Sometimes it’s not as confusing as we think. It’s more simple. “I don’t really care that much about that, which is why I’m not achieving what I set out to do”. Could be work goals, could be a personal weight goal, could be something with your fitness…is it important to you? That’s the key.

And as we get to know ourselves better, we find out what matters to us and what doesn’t. And the beauty of life is everyone is different.

So I will share my personal overriding thoughts with you, that I plan to share with my child that is coming into this world around December 1, 2019…Live your life with purpose and focus on achieving things. Stay out of the drama and the “suck of nonsense” that the world can offer up so easily and readily. That’s important to me. NO DRAMA. NO GOSSIP.  NO “did you hear what Bobby told Suzy last night”…and that will be important to Baby Hall. Because I believe with everything that I know that a life of purpose with a focus on goals and achieving things, is a great way to live.

Have a great 2nd half to your year!!



The Iceberg Illusion

Happy Sunday: Here is a great post from our internal guest blogger, Shannon! Shannon is one of our Marketing Specialist at Hall Financial.

Success is something that people seem to just assume happens overnight.

It obviously does not, but that is what we tend to share. We appear as though we have only ever been successful, or we only see people as successful because that is what they are choosing to portray to us. Social media, conversations, resumes. You only highlight the best of the best. You don’t see the rest, what’s underneath.

I personally like to think of success like an iceberg. You see the surface, the success. What is hidden beneath the water is so much more though. What is hidden is what matters! What is hidden is what makes success. What it stands on. What it took to get there.

Beneath the surface of success lies the hard work, determination, failure (most likely multiple), discipline, struggles, exhaustion, doubts, risks. The list is truly endless. There is so much that others don’t see, and so much that we discredit.

I implore you to start to envision success as an iceberg. It will not only give you a greater appreciation for others, but for yourself. Remember what it took to get you to your goals and embrace it. Celebrate it. Each no is closer to a yes. Each failure is closer to success.


DHall Here: I hope you enjoyed the read! Have a great Sunday!


Always Remembered, Never Forgotten!

We are keeping it short and sweet this week at Chatter. Let’s take today to honor and remember our servicemen and women, who have so bravely fought to protect this country. In showing some gratitude to those who have put their lives on the line and made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom, we say THANK YOU!

As you gather with friends and family, while indulging in some BBQ, remember the real purpose of this incredibly important holiday.

Happy Memorial Day & Happy Sunday!


Listen To Your Own Strutting Music And Strut All Day Long

As I approach 49 one thing is probably more clear to me than anything else….most people don’t know shit.

As kids we are taught to listen to adults. As young adults we are supposed to be paying close attention and be respectful to our elders. And then one day you’re in between 48 and 49 and you’re realizing how much poor advice you received along the way from small thinkers who were being safe when that isn’t at all what you were trying to do.

So I say forget that.

Turn your OWN thoughts UP in your head if you are trying to be exceptional. And revel in them. And love them. And commit to them. Especially if they are BIG!! The bigger the thinker you are, the more this blog applies to you. If you are thinking safe and small and you’re not sure, get advice. If you are thinking gigantic and big, you are more on your own. Why? Cause 97.6% of people are thinking way smaller than you my friend.

My buddy told me one day this winter to “listen to your strutting music all day long. And strut to that music”. When he said that to me it set my brain on fire. He was right. And he didn’t mean it in the way I’m describing here, but I’m not sure there is a better way to think than that.

If you’re focused on becoming great/kicking ass/chasing exceptional….you can’t listen to much of what others tell you. Cause most aren’t.  And they don’t get it. They’re holding on tight to “good enough” and praying every night it is.

So I say forget them.

Listen to YOUR music. It’s your best shot at greatness.

Have a great Sunday.


Throwback Mother’s Day Blog… Mother’s Day is Legit

This week on Chatter, we thought we would go with a throwback blog. This one got some nice acclaim a few years ago so we are re-releasing it. There’s some good stuff in here!

Also happy birthday to my baby brother, born on Mother’s Day four and a half decades ago.

Enjoy and Happy Mother’s Day!!

In the Hall household growing up, May was a big month. My brother was born in May. Mother’s Day is in May. In fact, my momma’s-boy brother was born in 1974 on Mother’s Day!!  What a gift!!

One thing I learned more than anything from my mom………moms like cool things.  They like cool lingo.  They want to be a part of the action.  They don’t like being left out.  People used to ask my mom why she watched so much Sports Center and she would reply “with a house full of boys I don’t like being left out of the conversation.”  That pretty much sums up how cool my mom was in general.

Moms also like controversy.  Controversy can be fun.  I falsely accused my mom when I was 14 years old in a moment of weakness of “shrinking my laundry on purpose”.  Yea I actually said that to her.  She thought I was nuts for sure…and she also thought it was funny.  It made me feel better when I later apologized for “wrongly accusing her”.  She asked me if I knew I was nuts.  I didn’t realize it at 14.

Of all the holidays, Mother’s Day is the best and most important.   Moms matter. A lot. (Remember my blog about birthdays and how we should really be celebrating your mother instead of you?) They do stuff that really amazes me. I can make a list but I won’t. Actually what the hell, I will.

1.They tell you what you want to hear, at the exact moment you need to hear it.
2. When you make big mistakes, they seem to understand the most that we are human.
3. When good things happen they are by far the most proud.
4. If things are really messed up and you need help, mom is always the go-to.
5. If you feel like all is lost, mom will tell you that it’s not…..and somehow she knows the right answer.

My dad used to tell me “if you bring your mother a stick and tell her it’s a gift she will love it”. Mom’s love is probably as unconditional as it gets. She knows your flaws. She defends you to the end. She has your back unwaveringly.

So today is the day to call all moms in the world just to say “you are the bomb” (or whatever cool thing you want to say).

May is a month that moms should be celebrated.  My mom passed away 6 years and 5 days ago…In May.  May is always Mom’s month in my heart.
Hug all moms today.  It’s not the right thing to do, it’s the only thing to do.


A Little Tiny Punch In The Face

How easy is it to get lost when you are in pursuit of your goals? Very! Distractions are everywhere. Human beings are flawed. Other things come up. Doing big things take constant effort and consideration. It is not easy.

That’s where a tiny punch to the face is helpful. Do you have a mentor/friend that tells you things you don’t want to hear? Well in my experience to be great, we all need one. Someone to point out important things we need to take note of that we might be missing. It opens your eyes to what’s really happening and where you might be falling short.

I especially think this is important for younger people. Confidence is a precious thing and so is reality…the mix is tough. I’ve always felt from my discussions with super high achievers, that it is better to “believe what is helpful, over what is true”. So that’s the confidence part. The reality part is you prancing through your days being mediocre, thinking mediocre stuff and telling everyone how bad ass you are. Not a successful mix.  It’s helpful for us all to have someone to check us and say, “Dude you aren’t bad ass in the slightest.” That’s a tough thing to hear. Which is often replied to with “what do you mean?” … “What do I mean? You’re up half the night, your eating habits suck, you’ve been doing the same production 3 months in a row, you aren’t taking care of yourself or your goals and you are capable of so much more”.

Things that are tough to hear are often the things we need the most. Love comes in many forms and it can be argued that the “tough” love has the greatest impact.

Just a little punch in the face will do you some good now and then.

Have a great Sunday.


Never Shrink Yourself

Happy Sunday: Here is a great post from our internal guest blogger, Jackie! Jackie is our Special Projects Marketing Director here at HFG.

“Don’t shrink who you are to make someone else feel comfortable” … A phrase I’ve heard over and over in the course of my life. And boy, is it vital to truly understand this concept.

So many times, in life we are put in challenging positions that take us out of our comfort zone. We have to work with people who may seem more talented or qualified to do a job than us. And on the contrary we have to work with people that may see us as the more talented or qualified individual. In any scenario, do not downplay what you can bring to the table!

Have you ever been in a situation with someone that seems more comfortable when you’re silent or disengaged? Pay attention to those people and recognize that is the exact action of someone that feels threaten by you… and that’s not your problem. It can seem easier to shrink down your abilities when you’re in a room full of people that are not on the same level as you. You want to seem personable and friendly. You want to blend in with the crowd and you don’t want anyone to perceive you as braggadocios. But you don’t have to act high and mighty to showcase your skills. It’s never necessary to make yourself small, so someone else can feel big. You’d be doing yourself and the people around you a disservice by not fully walking in your passion and capabilities.

Everything you do you should be giving 101% no matter who is in the room. If you’re good at something be proud of that and let it inspire other people to step their game up. You will not serve anyone by diminishing yourself.

Dhall Here: I hope you enjoyed the read! Have a great Sunday!



People Who Think Like This Fire Me Up!

Imagine this… you are the best player in your college sport. Now imagine you make it all the way to the Final Four. Then imagine you lose, but you’re still projected to be the number 1 pick according to every expert in the sport’s industry. So, your next logical step would be to pursue going pro because that is what you are expected to do.

Now, when given a chance to go get the money, the fame, the publicity, you say, “I’m returning to college for my senior season because I have unfinished business.”

I don’t know about you, but that gives me goosebumps. Big ones!!!

I love people with passion and purpose. I especially love it when people with passion and purpose don’t do what everyone else thinks they should do. They don’t do what MOST people would do… the perceived “easier choice.”  And I REALLY love when people know the money will still be there, but their priority is to FINISH the “unfinished business”.

This girl has a mission, a purpose that’s way greater than money. Her mindset will take her places.

I don’t know why, but that fires me up. It’s inspiring!!

Click here to read the article. Have a great Sunday!!


Today’s Thought: Opportunity

At UWM we like to call things that are challenging or need improvement an “opportunity”. Again, this may sound like semantics, but it is so much bigger than that. My emergency dentist appointment this morning? I couldn’t get in as early as I wanted, so I had some down time. My mom is in town from Ohio and she was with me, so we decided to go to Panera and get coffee to kill time before I could go to the dentist. I can’t remember the last time I got to go for coffee with my mom. I felt so grateful for this opportunity. We got to unwind for a minute and just chat. This wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t need to go see the dentist, and if my appointment wasn’t delayed.

I was really practicing my not complaining, and at the end of the day I got to check in with my husband and even though it was a seemingly rough day, I didn’t feel depleted. I had energy left to talk and check in.

Challenging things that come our way truly are an opportunity. It’s a chance for us to get better. If not for that challenge or obstacle, when else would we have that unique opportunity for joy and growth? One of my favorite quotes of all time is from the movie Evan Almighty. In the scene the wife is going through a hard time with her husband and she is venting to her waiter about it (who is God). And the waiter said to her “If someone prays for patience, you think God gives them patience? Or does he give them the opportunity to be patient? If he prayed for courage, does God give him courage, or does he give him opportunities to be courageous?”

We have so many goals and aspirations and so many things that we want out of life, and we think challenges that come up are obstacles in our way, but they are the exact opposite. They are opportunities to work that muscle we are building, whatever it may be. So today I challenge you to look at every obstacle and challenge as an opportunity to make your stronger and reach your goals.

Happy Sunday: I hope you enjoyed reading our final post from our guest blogger, Danielle DeAngelis. Danielle is a team member at United Wholesale Mortgage, and over the last month, she has been sharing outstanding post on Chatter in The Hall.


I wanted to personally say thank you to Danielle for contributing such amazing entries!