The Iceberg Illusion

Happy Sunday: Here is a great post from our internal guest blogger, Shannon! Shannon is one of our Marketing Specialist at Hall Financial.

Success is something that people seem to just assume happens overnight.

It obviously does not, but that is what we tend to share. We appear as though we have only ever been successful, or we only see people as successful because that is what they are choosing to portray to us. Social media, conversations, resumes. You only highlight the best of the best. You don’t see the rest, what’s underneath.

I personally like to think of success like an iceberg. You see the surface, the success. What is hidden beneath the water is so much more though. What is hidden is what matters! What is hidden is what makes success. What it stands on. What it took to get there.

Beneath the surface of success lies the hard work, determination, failure (most likely multiple), discipline, struggles, exhaustion, doubts, risks. The list is truly endless. There is so much that others don’t see, and so much that we discredit.

I implore you to start to envision success as an iceberg. It will not only give you a greater appreciation for others, but for yourself. Remember what it took to get you to your goals and embrace it. Celebrate it. Each no is closer to a yes. Each failure is closer to success.


DHall Here: I hope you enjoyed the read! Have a great Sunday!