The 3 stages of adulthood you need to get thru to know you are ok.

Last week I turned 47 (seems unreal with my boyish good looks), and it’s a great time for self-reflection. For one, it’s impossible that I’m closer to 60 than I am to 35. Just crazy. But I sort of love it. Cause the goal of life should be to enjoy, grow old, compete, have fun, love as hard as you can love, and contribute to society. Not necessarily in that order. 

So you start to think back about things………and I remember as a kid hearing an “old man” (at the time, my age now) tell me that the sure sign of maturity was when you’d “choose Napa over Vegas” as a vacation. Bingo!! Stage 1 of adulthood…….there it is. Passed that one at age 37. 

It’s been a while.

Then in recent years, I started thinking a lot about my own mortality. Deeply. And sort of somberly. But a lot of good came from it. Cause I realized that attacking life with boundless enthusiasm was my gift and most folks either don’t know how or don’t want to. And it’s a differentiator. BINGO!! Stage 2 of adulthood: use your gifts. They are yours and being you is the most important thing you can be once you realize who you are and who you want to be.

Lastly, stage 3 has been something I’ve been considering for quite a while: social media. What does it mean and why does it exist and why do we read it and who really cares? BINGO………Stage 3 hit me as I was cooking dinner with my wife—my life is good. When you realize no one else’s life is better than yours, no matter how hard people try to portray theirs as better, you’ve grown up. 

It’s important to remember that everyone needs to make these “discoveries” on their own. No one can be told “this is how it goes so just believe me”. It seems we all need to go thru our own struggles to “figure it out” on our own.

So in conclusion……………..

3 stages of adulthood:

  1. Napa is better than Vegas
  2. Be you
  3. Social media is a mirage of nonsense, and most people’s lives aren’t as glamourous as they make it out to be. They are “marketing” their lives to you. You’re good. 

Have a great week!!


Cleaning Laundry.

Have you ever really listened to this song? We all know the lyrics, we all sing along. But have you paid attention to what it’s about? 

This week I turned one year closer to the big 5-0 but I can honestly say I don’t feel old. I don’t even feel close to it. I feel young, like I’m always in my best years and I can attribute a lot of that to the people I surround myself with: wife, friends, family, coworkers. I make a conscious effort of not wasting my time with people who bring me down because anybody who knows me knows I’ve got big dreams. I don’t settle. It’s the one thing I’m very clear about educating my team on: be a goal digger. Be a battery charger. Surround yourself with the right people.

Ok, so maybe that’s three things. 

To me, this song is all about surrounding yourself with the right people. There will always be that one person who craves drama and gossip and who will try to bring you down to make themselves feel good, to make themselves look better. Don’t get sucked in. Don’t contribute to the gossip. Don’t go smelling other people’s laundry. Just make sure to keep your own clean.  The only one you should be competing with is who you were yesterday. 

This week, make a conscious effort to clean your laundry. Surround yourself with those who will support you, push you to chase your goals, pump you up, and leave your dirty laundry alone. 

After all, success doesn’t come from poor attitudes. It comes from a positive mindset.