Some people flock towards it and some avoid it all costs. I personally have seen many people ruin their relationships, careers, friendships, and more by the lure of drama. I choose to move AWAY from drama. I like reality and normalcy cause I know it gives me my best chance for peak performance.

As I grow older and wiser I realize some truisms of this short tenure we have here called life. Getting to bed at 9pm makes a ton of sense. Getting up early and getting your body warmed up makes a ton of sense. Spreading goodness to everyone you can makes a ton of sense. Encouraging others to be their best makes a ton of sense. Realizing you will make mistakes and trying to learn from them makes a ton of sense.

Then there are things that don’t make sense: drinking yourself silly, taking drugs, talking shit about other people, being in the wrong place by choice at 1 in the morning, fighting, being in the middle of a dispute where you have nothing to gain by winning.

I think people who move towards drama are generally bored with their own personal existence and they need a “new game” in their life to play. Staying out of drama takes focus and work.

Avoiding drama takes will power. 

Building your future is tough and takes a full, concentrated effort. I can’t think of many things more rewarding than being the one to build that foundation, the one holding that responsibility.

And as I told my team at Hall Financial earlier this week, I can’t think of many things more rewarding than being on the front of this story we are building. It’s really fun and really rewarding. It gets me pumped to go to bed by 9pm, wake up early, and encourage others to invest in their own futures.

Choose to build yourself and your future. 

Don’t choose drama. Drama sucks.