Burn Your Ships, Ignite Your Confidence, and Douse Your Fear.

burn the ships

Is it a bit of an overstatement to say, “Nobody goes all in with their goals anymore”?    Maybe a little but I see this increasingly as a problem in people that are trying to do big things.

It’s always, “well if this doesn’t happen, then at least I’ll have this.” I often wonder if this mentality sets us up to fail because we’re subconsciously aware of that safety net. There’s the fighter and the runner. What happens when you don’t have the option to run? You fight. Your survival instincts take over. When failure isn’t an option, you adjust your course to reach your goals.

There is something to be admired about the Spanish conquistador Hernan Cortes before he was feared as too powerful and therefore stripped of said power. Upon arriving to Veracruz with 600 men, he ordered his men to destroy the ships. Upon reaching new, unfamiliar ground, they burned their safety net. Only two people exist in the world at this point: those who believe it’s absolutely foolish and those who want that level of confidence.

Two years after the burning of the ships, he gained control of Mexico. The Aztec Empire fell. His conquest was successful.

If you want to not only chase your dreams but achieve your dreams, you need to have a one option mindset. And that one option needs to be Success. Nothing else. Cortes knew that by removing the option of fleeing, he was removing the option of quitting. There was no going back.

That’s pretty damn powerful: burn the ships. Imagine how you would tackle your goals if you knew failing wasn’t an option.

As you head into your week, mentally remove all those safety nets—the backup job as a bartender, relocating to another department in another state, the idea you’ll just work out twice as hard the next day instead or will run off that donut later, you’ll always have next year, there’s always next time, etc. Remove all of it. Lay out the path of success. What does it look like?

Do you feel the chains of negativity break? Can you feel the freedom?

This week, burn your ships.


The biggest thing we can learn about the Fox News/CNN phenomenon.

I am a bit of a purist.  I like traditional things and in some areas I’m sort of old fashioned. I sort of long for the days when George Kell and Al Kaline would bring me Tiger baseball in my youth.  Man those were some great memories and certainly a reminder of my days growing up and what television was to me.  All sports all the time and Kell and Kaline giving it to me straight.

In my view, recent television has for the most part moved more and more to “reality TV”…which of course is what sports is.  But these days it’s not about sports at all.  The more real the tv the better………..girl’s feelings get crushed on the Bachelor, ratings go sky high………Trump forcibly says “you’re fired” on The Apprentice and everyone tunes in……….Survivor—hey you’re outta here.  You’re kicked off the Island!!  We can’t get enough.

So I get it………….

Now, the rawest form of reality TV is on display 24/7 these days in the form of CNN/Fox News.  And it has sort of always amused me that the “news” they broadcast that is so biased in one way or another, draws so much attention.  Then it occurred to me…..this is the latest in reality TV.  But this unintended version of reality tv has a new twist.   As much as it walks the line of reality TV, it walks right up the kazoo of “CONFIRM MY PERSONAL BELIEF SYSTEM”.  And that’s new.  We’ve gone from entertain me with sports……to surprise me with pure reality/heart break……to sprinkle some reality into telling me how smart I am.

You see, people don’t watch Fox or CNN that much as to see the “reality” of it, but to continue to reinforce their own thought processes.  And deepen them.  And confirm them.   Makes us feel better when we do that.

Wouldn’t someone really advanced in thinking and so “impassioned” by the “GOD DARN GOVERNMENT” want to seek to understand the other side of the aisle instead of just reconditioning all that they know or think to be the single source of truth?  Of course they would.  So why don’t many delve into the other side with an open mind?  Because by nature we aren’t open minded.  We hold on tight to what we believe because it makes us feel better.

When it comes to politics, do we actually know all the facts?  Isn’t it true we probably know about 17% of what’s really going on?  All the back room deals and internal stuff happening that we have no idea about doesn’t stop us from forming strong opinions though, does it?

I continue to scratch my head about “absolutes” in life as there really aren’t that many.

For the most part, I have found myself to be served well by the following rules:

1.      There are 3 sides to every story.
2.      There is always information you don’t know.
3.      Politics is really dirty and these guys get paid to spin their story, not tell the “truth”.
4.      There is a lot of money to be made in television because the broadcasters get ratings.  Not because they are right.

Me? I’ll stick with George Kell and Al Kaline.  I think they tell me the truth.  I’m sort of a purist that way.