One of life’s great questions…….If I work hard and earn it, do I deserve good things?

I think there is a fundamental basic principle of becoming successful that we need to identify in both the people we are leading and in the people we value.   Day in and day out.  Basic and important.

This is the core of it all and it’s important everyone can answer YES to the question at the root..   And it’s this.…….
“Do I deserve to have good things if I work hard to earn them?”

My goal is to make sure my future children are raised in a manner that they know this to be true.  That they realize they are deserving if they put in the work.  That they are representative of all that is good in the world and as such, they should “go for it” and “get it”.

But MANY have not been raised in such an environment.
Isn’t it crazy that some people don’t even think they are deserving of great things if they bust their ass?  The mind never gets to “how to” because it’s stuck in “I don’t”.
Getting people to build their own self-esteem is a very rewarding process.  And it all starts with helping people believe in themselves.

Helping people to believe in themselves and achieve more involves 3 big thoughts in my view:

1.  You deserve it and you better believe you do.

2.  I see something in you that you may not see in yourself.

3.  I enjoy recognizing your strengths because I believe you will succeed.

You let those 3 prevail, you’re in business.   Big time.

Fully feeling that you deserve to have great things if you put in the work is not a given with people in today’s world.  Many people have had to suffer through some bad wiring and poor mentorship prior to you leading them.   Recognize that some people have a tough time with this concept and it can take time.  Surprisingly some people fumble to respond to “Why should I choose you over the other guys/gals?”   I’m hoping that as good leaders, we teach people to speak well of themselves, have confidence and feel they DESERVE great things when they work at it.  And then go after them! They can’t just want to be chosen, they need to know they deserve to be chosen and they need to believe in themselves to get it done.

Believing in oneself is half the battle but what if they don’t believe in themselves?   They need LEADERSHIP.   Positivity.

First and foremost, make sure they know they deserve it.

That’s what you’d do for your own kids right?


Mother’s Day is Legit Legit.

Moms Are Superheroes.

In the Hall household growing up, May was a big month. My brother was born in May. Mother’s Day is in May. In fact, my momma’s-boy brother was born in 1974 on Mother’s Day!!  What a gift!!

One thing I learned more than anything from my mom………moms like cool things.  They like cool lingo.  They want to be a part of the action.  They don’t like being left out.  People used to ask my mom why she watched so much Sports Center and she would reply “with a house full of boys I don’t like being left out of the conversation.”  That pretty much sums up how cool my mom was in general.

Moms also like controversy.  Controversy can be fun.  I falsely accused my mom when I was 14 years old in a moment of weakness of “shrinking my laundry on purpose”.  Yea I actually said that to her.  She thought I was nuts for sure…and she also thought it was funny.  It made me feel better when I later apologized for “wrongly accusing her”.  She asked me if I knew I was nuts.  I didn’t realize it at 14.

Of all the holidays, Mother’s Day is the best and most important.   Moms matter. A lot. (Remember my blog about birthdays and how we should really be celebrating your mother instead of you?) They do stuff that really amazes me. I can make a list but I won’t.
Actually what the hell, I will.

1.  They tell you what you want to hear, at the exact moment you need to hear it.
2.  When you make big mistakes, they seem to understand the most that we are human.
3.  When good things happen they are by far the most proud.
4.  If things are really messed up and you need help, mom is always the go-to.
5.  If you feel like all is lost, mom will tell you that it’s not…..and somehow she knows the right answer.

My dad used to tell me “if you bring your mother a stick and tell her it’s a gift she will love it”. Mom’s love is probably as unconditional as it gets. She knows your flaws. She defends you to the end. She has your back unwaveringly.

So today is the day to call all moms in the world just to say “you are the bomb” (or whatever cool thing you want to say).

May is a month that moms should be celebrated.  My mom passed away 6 years and 5 days ago…In May.  May is always Mom’s month in my heart.

Hug all moms today.  It’s not the right thing to do, it’s the only thing to do.



[Originally posted on May 9, 2016]

And I submit to you on this Sunday………some perspective

This blog is short and sweet.  Cause the content of the video is so powerful.

I’ve been noticing lately how everyone seems to consider their own individual circumstances “so tough”.  The most curious quote I hear now is “I got a lot going on”, as if to imply that ALL THE THINGS these specific people have to deal with in their lives are unimaginable in degree of difficulty.  It’s a mechanism for them to cope with the fact they have trouble managing their own personal lives.   I actually have shifted my attitude about all of this from angry to amused.  I mean, do you really think you have so very much going on than anyone else?  And do you really think this is what Fortune 500 CEO’s tell their Board of Directors when things get rough at home, they have children, or if they purchase a new home?   I don’t think so.

Anyway, back to the story.  This is for all my peeps with the “worst of circumstances” (yes this is sarcasm)…I submit to you, PERSPECTIVE!

Basically the end of the interview goes a little like this…”If I could grant you one wish, would you want to have arms?”

The response given by this kid tells you everything about who he has become in a very short amount of time on this earth. It will blow your mind. And give you some good Sunday morning perspective.

Watched it 5 times and can’t make it through without crying yet.

Let’s all get a grip.