“How” and “Why” you can get out of the 80 and into the 20….4 secrets. 

There is a rule in life often talked about in business and sales…….you get 80 percent of your production from the top 20 percent of your peeps…….and that’s usually the case in a lot of organizations…..and then it just sort of gets left at that……..so how and why can you get to be in the 20……and stay out of the other 80? Let’s discuss. 

Secret #1 of how to get to that 20. Love and enjoy getting treated like the 80 on the way to the 20…….confusing? Sort of, so let’s back up………most of us don’t just walk in and say “hey mother f****rs, I’m one of the 20”. You have to prove yourself and earn it on the way, and sometimes it takes a lot LONGER than we want. That’s how it goes. Embrace it. Love being underpaid and proving people wrong and all that goes with it.
You see, everyone in life is good with “Hey, if you pay me like a top guy, I’ll be a top guy”…….and it’s SO WHACKED OUT that people think this way. Our Chatter unscientific study tells us 91% of humans think this way. And it destroys them. It could destroy you, or your younger siblings……or your kids. The mentality you want are the people who respond with “I already work that hard.”  


I’m here to attempt to CHANGE THE STINKIN THINKIN OF THE WORLD………So say it with me……….”Pay me like shit and I’ll work like I make a million bucks”………say it again………and keep saying it……..cause not only will it help you but it’s going to be my future child from my future wife’s FIRST STRING OF WORDS THEY WILL SAY IN A SENTENCE. It’s all about work ethic. 
It’s kind of crazy that people are WAITING for someone to do something before THEY do anything. Does somebody give you a raise saying “We hope you’ll start to do a better job, here you go!” No! They say “Thanks for all you’ve DONE! Great job!” Case in point of what we say all the time here at Chatter…Waiting is NOT a good strategy. You have to make things happen.
So why are so many people missing this? Why are there 80 in the 80? Why can’t 80 become the MAJORITY of the productive workforce? I think it’s because their thinking is confused. And that’s secret #2 – confused thinking.
So are we just feeling like we’ve been wronged? Are we bitter? Or maybe…just maybe, we want to join the 20 but we aren’t inspired. Or don’t know we are missing out, because it’s WAY more rewarding to be in the 20 than the 80.
Well here is secret #3……if you aren’t making 20% more this year than you did last year and you aren’t told on a WEEKLY basis that you kick ass……….you are in the 80……….and you need to up your value. But don’t worry, there’s hope for you!! Are you ready to cast aside old ideas? And accept new ones?  
So, can you recognize all of the above, start to work harder, get in to work earlier, get more curious about everything, stay later, and maybe go in on Saturday to see what’s happening? Is it just that simple? No. What is simple…secret #4 on the way…what is simple is working the way you would if you got a $100,000 raise tomorrow. Yea, work like that. 
Not into all that? Then just be one of the 80…….and think through what could have been and sip that beer next Saturday at noon…and bitch about what you could be or would have been if someone had paid you more first……and then ask yourself if that’s how it works (it’s not)…..while the 20 are going next level and kicking your ass. 
Thanks to all of you that are waiting and bitching for inspiring me this week. I love you all.

4am is a good time to start. 

If you’ve read our stuff before, you’ve probably picked up on some common themes……. “work harder than the guy next to you”, “get at it when everyone else is sleeping” and “give what the greedy man won’t and you’ll get what the greedy man wants”. I think we’ve made it clear this is important. Very. 

And then here we go. Another illustration……the hits just keep on comin’ (makes us feel like we might be on to something here).


And I submit to the court – KOBE BRYANT……. who in the offseason goes to a scrimmage 7 hours early to practice…..that is correct…..not 20 minutes, not an hour…….7 hours!!……and works overnight essentially to make 800 shots (a goal he set for himself) and holding himself accountable to not giving up until it’s done. Not too shabby.


So this week we will keep it short. Below is the link to an article on Kobe and his unrelenting drive for success. I think it’s convenient for us to want to believe people like Kobe just had more talent. Read this and you’ll quickly figure out that probably wasn’t the case. He was willing to work harder than most. That’s why he is Kobe. 


I’m not a fan of Kobe, but after reading this, I’m definitely a fan of his work ethic.


Have a great and productive Super Bowl Sunday!