Young High Achievers don’t need you to tell them how to do the job. They need something way more important. 


Here’s a story of a 46 year old man with experience and a 22 year old sharp as a tack young guy learning his way.  It’s a good one.  Well, you’ll be the judge but I think it’s pretty good.

My young friend here is a high achiever.  Yeah he shoots for the stars.  Graduated U of M, Ross Business School…. all A student…..tutors other kids…..your classic young bad ass……..etc. etc.  You get it.  He’s on his way to big things.

He is on the job hunt and he’s having his emotions tossed around with interviews, denials, and all the rest.  Now because I’m OLDER, and he’s YOUNGER, there was a certain piece of advice I gave him that he ended up needing.  And in the end it gave me a lesson as well.

It all began when he was upset over an email of denial he had received. He called me about it.   They didn’t want him at ABC Big Shot Firm in New York/Chicago wherever…………My immediate reaction: “I need you to go print that email right now.  And we need to frame it.”

My man replied, “Why?  What do you mean print it?  Are you nuts?”

He knows that I am, so what a dumb question………but I continued…”Dude, we are going to frame that thing for two reasons-
1) In 20 years we need to call that guy and tell him how much ass you are kicking
2) Tell me a bigger motivation you could wake up to if you are a real over-achiever”.

And the ONLY REASON I gave him that advice:  He is going to be great and I can see it much clearer today than he can.  I am so confident he is going to be great, I want him to put his “set backs” front and center. That got me thinking……why don’t we all get someone to watch out for us in this way?!

So many things that “get us down” or seem like steps backwards…..are really steps towards where we are going. We just need someone who is older and wiser to show us that.

Moral this week……….young over-achievers don’t need to know that much about how to do the job or how to think about the job.   They need way more INSPIRATION and BELIEF.
Think about that with the people you care about and believe in.  Inspiration and belief are way more important than any gift you can give someone else.

Have a great week!


Another reminder that all that is good in life happens right after you think you might shit your pants

Ahhhhh……being in the arena. Yes what a wonderful feeling to be “in the mix”……until you get there. And then the next thing you know it’s game 7 of the World Series and you feel like Anthony Rizzo in the video.

What’s very interesting to me is this thing we are taught/not taught about getting/being nervous and what it means. I plan to change that. My plan is to have a young boy or girl in 2017 or 2018 and teach them a lot of good things. At the very top of that list is that BEING NERVOUS IS AWESOME. FEELING SCARED IS GREAT. This whole notion about “controlling your emotions” and “having ice water in your veins” is complete garbage. The reality is this………we really don’t care that much about 95% of the stuff that goes on in our lives. We can take it or leave it. Steak or chicken? Burger or salad? Stay in or meet up with friends? Make plans for 3pm or 4pm? It all basically doesn’t matter.
But then we get to that awesome 5%. THIS REALLY MATTERS. That’s where the CHARGE IN LIFE comes from. 

So as you watch the video and realize that a BAD ASS MAJOR LEAGUER is nervous as all get out………..remind yourself that it’s perfectly normal and good when you get that feeling in your gut. Embrace it. And try to hold on to it as long as you can. 

Cause most of the other stuff doesn’t really matter.

“It’s only gonna get worse”……what a great response. This is so awesome.

Enjoy the video (you have to scroll down a bit to see it but it’s worth it… will love it).