98 Percent of What I Care About Revolves Around 2 Words

Life is filled with lots of things that don’t matter. As I get older I find myself trying to steer away from those things more and more. I am going to do a scientific study that will probably determine that many humans do lots of things that don’t matter between ages 15 and 42………and when you hit the age of 43 you now have a clue as to what is important and you start to focus on those things almost exclusively………..man I wasted a lot of time as a young guy……..

Ok, enough of that or I’ll just get pissed…….let’s talk about some things that DO MATTER……….cause in my 46 years of experience, there are two words that surround everything I care about (or at least 98 percent of it)……..HUNGER and LOVE……both words are impactful. Both are critical to happiness. Both have a lot to do with how people do things and live.  

And for the purpose of this week’s note from our great team here at Chatter………we are going to focus on HUNGER (we can save Love for another blog as I learn more about it).  

I think people that are hungry are more fulfilled. I think they get into trouble less. I think they have more purpose. I think hunger is the basis of all that is good around all that we do. People that lack hunger struggle to find purpose and fulfillment.

I think being hungry keeps you young. I think it’s the key to becoming great. I have my own definition of Hunger that I use when I talk to companies and young people. It might help you. It might not. What the hell, I’ll tell it to you anyway.


Helpful – the more you give the more you are going to get. Be helpful.

Unrelenting – stay after things even when they get hard. That’s where all the good stuff is.

Next to impossible – stay focused on those things because those are things you will remember you did.

Get to – You never “got to” in this life. You “get to”. Everything in your life you “get to” do.  

Energy – Be a battery charger for everyone you run into. The world is filled with battery drainers. Be a charger.

Ridiculous – Be totally ridiculous in your over the top pursuit of your goals. All the great ones are.

To accomplish things in life that are out of the norm defines extraordinary. Let’s teach young people the value of HUNGER and instill it in them as a great attribute. I’m not sure that there are many things in life that I have cared about or will ever care about that didn’t start with a hunger as the beginning of it and something that matters.  

Don’t fill your life with things that don’t matter. Relish and focus on your inner hunger and let it drive you.

Have a great week!


It’s really smart to TRAIN YOUR BRAIN


This summer I was very fortunate. I qualified for the two biggest national championships that an aspiring true amateur golfer can play in – the US Amateur and the US Mid-Amateur. A lot goes into hitting goals like that in life. 20 years of hard work, playing a game you love, seeking out advice from different pros, running into a guy named Jay Horton when I was a kid who helped me immensely, my parents having enough money to buy me clubs etc.

Part of success is fortune. Part is work. Part is dedication. And part is mindset. Actually, a whole hell of a lot of it is mindset. So let’s talk about that some, shall we?

As a competitive golfer and businessman, I’ve learned there are “right ways” to think and “wrong ways” to think. It is very helpful to your success to study these methods and apply them to your daily life. It takes a lot of discipline and review to change your thinking. THE most important skill any golfer can have is self-belief and a feeling that things are going to go really well in the future. I like to believe that it’s my destiny in life to have a lot of good fortune on my side. And thinking that way is a self-fulfilling prophecy that makes that a reality.  I really believe in that.
Here is something I read almost every evening that helps me with my golf. I also have one that applies to business also (future blog). Hope this sparks some thoughts and improves your performance in whatever it is that’s important to you!!!

Tomorrow is a great day to shoot in the 60s.

Tomorrow is a day to have fun.  A lot of fun.

Tomorrow is a day to have a great attitude.

Tomorrow is a day to remember my successes.

Tomorrow is a day to prepare to win the Senior British open in 2026.

Tomorrow is a day to prep for the next US Amateur you play in.

Tomorrow is day 1 of 73,000 days I have here, and that’s it…if I’m lucky.

TOMORROW will be a day that so many on this earth never get to do. I’m very fortunate.

One of the greatest lessons I learned as a kid was from a golf pro named Jay Horton.  I was a hot-headed, hot shot kid that would get very emotional and upset, and when I hit a bad shot there was hell to pay.  Jay used to tell me little things that would creep into my psyche and help me.  And one of the biggest things he’d tell me, helps me 30 years later still.  I used it this summer on my 34th hole of the US Amateur qualifier.  His voice was in my head.  And it helped me qualify many, many years after the lesson…………….He used to tell me that when I would hit what I perceived to be an easy shot into trouble, “That might be the only place you can make birdie from today on this hole…”. Wow, what a powerful lesson!  Maybe if I hit that shot to 6 feet I would have missed but because I hit it in the bunker maybe I’m going to make it?  Love it.  Apply this to your next set back.  MINDSET.  If something bad happens, is that potentially your path to something great?  Think about it.

Have a great Sunday…what a great day to have a great attitude!


I would rather play my first Ryder Cup without my dumb ass brother tweeting. 


Peter Willett is Danny Willett’s brother.  Danny Willett is playing in the Ryder Cup for Team Europe.  Peter Willett sent out the following tweet this past week about Americans:

“Team Europe needs to silence the pudgy, basement-dwelling, irritants, stuffed on cookie dough and pissy beer, pausing between mouthfuls of hotdog so they can scream ‘Baba booey’ until their jelly faces turn red.


They need to stun the angry, unwashed, Make America Great Again swarm, desperately gripping their concealed-carry compensators and belting out a mini-erection inducing ‘mashed potato’, hoping to impress their cousin.


They need to smash the obnoxious dads, with their shiny teeth, Lego man hair, medicated ex-wives, and resentful children. Squeezed into their cargo shorts and boating shoes, they’ll bellow ‘get in the hole’ while high-fiving all the other members of the Dentists’ Big Game Hunt Society.


Wow. Totally nuts right?  A little distracting for old Danny boy at the Ryder Cup?  You bet.


And how will this affect Danny?  We are going to find out aren’t we? But there’s no doubt it can’t be good.  Will this be good for him in the future?  Maybe there is a lesson for him somehow.  Will his future endorsements be affected?  Wow, lots of questions for the future here………


So what’s the lesson/takeaway for now?   Well, that one seems pretty obvious.  EVERY SINGLE THING that you and I and everyone we know does affects someone else.  Brothers, dads, sisters, uncles, friends, caddies, confidants, spouses, etc…so that’s the lesson…remember that one.  Everything you do (good and bad) affects someone else.  So make it good.   Because you can make others’ lives easier by doing GOOD THINGS that reflect well on them.  And then they’ll be proud to know you/be related to you/hug you/love you.


It boils down to something we’ve been told for years.  And it never gets old.  DO THE RIGHT THING.


In summary:


1.      Do the right thing.

2.      Be aware of the things you do and how they will reflect on those you know.

3.      If you have a crazy brother, don’t let him get a twitter account.


Happy Sunday!