A good list, my interpretation and keeping it simple


A really smart, intuitive team member at our office sent a list out to the rest of the team on what they consider to be the ingredients to a high achieving, successful person. I thought it was worth posting but also wanted to give you my own interpretation of it, as it can relate to any person, any team, and any situation.

Nowhere in here does it list “really good at doing what they are told” …….or “follows directions” as a contributor to success.  The reason I point that out is that to get ahead and create value for yourself (and in your life), you have to be a PROACTIVE ANIMAL and go after things.  You MAKE things happen. You don’t WAIT for things to happen. If something isn’t getting done at the office, just do it.  And own it.  Do you see your team isn’t reporting on something they should be? Bring it up! Think the team should change a process and do it a different way? Suggest and implement something better!   Take ownership and put yourself out there.


Now to the list………


Attributes of the super successful are as follows:

  • Wake up early
  • Works on their business constantly
  • Works 5 hours of your 48 weekend hours
  • Always positive & optimistic
  • Drowns out the noise, instead of engaging it
  • Make themselves the obvious choice
  • Great, supportive teammate
  • Maniacal about finding a better way for everything
  • Creates value in what they do every day, no matter what it is they’re doing


Simplistic.  And pretty easy to implement.

Happy Sunday!!





Friends helping Friends


I remember in college seeing a t-shirt that read “Friends don’t let friends beer goggle” and thinking that was pretty funny in reference to helping a friend out in a funny way.  Well this week I’m your friend.  And I may just help you.  And if I don’t help you directly, I’m going to help one of your friends that’s driving you crazy.  Wow, what a preview huh?

Through a very informal and randomly skewed measurement, approximately 21.3% of people suffer from the “bondage of self”.  Not only can you not stop thinking about yourself, you can’t stop talking about yourself.  Every story you hear is without hesitation jumped on with something about YOU that immediately comes to your mind……..A friend tells you about a low round they had, you had a low round recently too…….A good meal they had, you’re sure to tell them about your last great meal as well.  The words “I” or “me” immediately come to mind often!!  Well, I’m here to tell you it’s a disease.  And we need to stop it.  So here are your top 3 formulas for success:

1. Go one entire hour without talking about yourself.  It’s gonna be a bitch but if you can withstand the pain, think of how happy you are going to make those around you.

2. Ask someone else to talk about you.  You’ll feel so foolish you’ll completely understand what your friends are going through by listening to your nonstop insecure babble.

3. Ask a friend to spend a day with you and slap you in your face every time you talk about yourself.  Your face will hurt like hell at the end of the day but you’ll feel good that you invested in your future!!

Ok that’s it this week.  Sharp, cutting, to the point.  And filled with fun.

Oh yea, and I did this for you.  Not for ME!!




Sometimes we imagine that success is easier than it is because of appearance.  You see a good looking guy/gal on TV accepting the trophy at the end of an event and its like “Wow, I wish I could be like them.” But we don’t see all that goes on behind the scenes to get there – the 5am Sunday wake up, the skipped social events, the travel, the pain, the ice packs, the countless hours of worrying with no sleep….the list goes on.  All the stuff behind the hoisting of the trophy that isn’t as sexy as that moment in time where we see the hoisting.

But more than anything is the adversity you have to go thru to get there.  Every single person in the world that has had great success, has done so through massive adversity.  I mean massive.  More than what we can probably imagine.   If you’ve had successes you realize that they come soon after that “should I just quit” thought that crosses your mind the weeks or months prior to the success.  It’s a really interesting thing the way the desire to be done with it all can  come very close to the actual triumph itself.

So in that vein, this week’s lesson is the following:

The notion that you have more adversity than others is typically not true.   In fact you probably haven’t seen much adversity at all compared to people that don’t have all the advantages we do here in the United States as Americans.

This is why the thought that to “embrace the adversity and anticipate it” works so effectively.  The reality is that before you hit it, you probably cannot or have not become very successful.  It’s always on the other side of it, not this side.

For those of you that have actually kept your New Year’s resolutions, you know that as we get into September, there have been many highs and lows along the way…keeping and fulfilling goals is really tough to do.  And really easy to talk about.  You will continue to excel in what you do if you continue to focus on your attitude and effort on becoming better every day…..and know what’s coming.  Adversity.

Stay focused on your goals and know that EVERY SINGLE GREAT THING in the world comes on the other side of adversity.  Believe it.  And live it.

Happy Labor Day