Great people do exist for you to hire!!


Sometimes it seems there are no “great people” to hire anymore.  So many people “looking for a new opportunity” disguised as “can I fool you in the interview cause I really suck”.  Hard to sort thru it all and still keep your optimism level high in spite of all the noise.

Those of you that know me well know that I’m competitive, want to be the best, and am hyper focused on our work team not only meeting but exceeding expectations.  And you need GREAT people to do that.

I had a great meeting last week with a young lady that wants to potentially join us in the future to help us with a lot of “back room” stuff involved in working with big banks, warehouse lines, trading mortgages on the secondary market etc.

As I was talking to her about her experiences she said something to me so passionately and emphatically, it got me super pumped up…….I was asking about how things were going in her current business and how her team was doing…….as she told me about how they have grown double digit percentages quarter over quarter for the last 2 years, I complimented her on that achievement…… which she replied “well it’s ok for now but just realize that single digit quarterly growth is not ok with me or any part of my identity”……….

I mean that was pretty awesome.  Basically, if she isn’t kicking total ass, she thinks that sucks.  Thought it was a good story and a good mentality to have for all of us as we enter into a new work week.

Don’t settle.  A little better than what you did before isn’t good enough.  Go for the really good stuff and don’t compromise.