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As a special “throwback blog”, we have brought back an oldie but one that garnered much fanfare…… man Dabo Sweeney and BYOG……Bring your own guts……enjoy the blog, and the video……with college football season only 48 days away………

I find myself attracted to figures in life that are inspirational.  Sometimes it’s funny or silly and sometimes it’s real.  But I keep going back to it because it speaks to me on volume 10 out of 10.

I guess the reason I have such little interest in politics is there is such a void of real inspiration.  It’s a lot of canned crap.  Rehearsed and re-rehearsed messages that are constructed to serve those that pay for them.  Pretty lame in the overall scheme of “what is great in life” or “stuff that gets you juiced”.  Important issues that get melted into “what serves who” the best at the time.  It’s really unfortunate.

So let’s turn to Dabo Sweeney, Head Coach at University of Clemson Football.  I’ve always found Dabo to be a bit “clownish” but the more I see from him the more I can sense he is growing and developing as a person.  He is genuine.  He is fun.  He is not polished.  He is authentic.  And I love it………  And when I watch sports coaches I often get “juiced up” or “inspired” because so much of what they do and say is filled with passion and spontaneous enthusiasm.

So let’s rewind to the post game IMMEDIATELY after Clemson beat Notre Dame 3 months ago and the reporters and fans rush the field and there is a sea of humanity and they stick the microphone in front of Dabo to get his immediate comments on a 2 point win at the buzzer………you talk about inspirational……..for those that heard this interview it never gets old…for those that haven’t……read on and then immediately check it out for yourself by clicking on the link at the end of the page. (It’s worth sitting through the ten second ad to watch!)

“I can give you uniforms, and meals, and we can give you scholarships, but I can’t give you guts……and tonight it was BYOG, Bring your own guts”

I can hardly watch it without either smiling, thinking about how those kids were inspired to do something special and/or laughing because it is just so genuine.  And I find myself walking around the house some days when I want to get pumped up and just yelling out randomly “BYOG Bring your own guts”….I really do.  At the top of my lungs.  YELLING IT……why?  Cause it’s fun.  And it does something to me that gets me into a state that is higher than before I said it.  I highly recommend it if you aren’t feeling your best.  Watch it, repeat it, and yell it.  And then tell me it doesn’t immediately lighten your spirits or inspire you.

I guess that’s why I always go sport over politics.  Even though it doesn’t feel right and a “game” is so inconsequential in comparison to world issues.  But sports keeps drawing me in.  Passion, enthusiasm, emotion, something real.

I wish Dabo or someone worth watching would become a politician.  Nothing would be better than him telling some talking heads to “BYOG”.  America would be talking about it and the platform for inspiration would be well served.

Are you “inspired” by any of the 15 or so politicians we have seen in this Presidential run?  Isn’t that one of the top things we are looking for?  It’s kind of sad we can’t find one.



What are you reinforcing?


One of the simple lessons I learned in Psychology 101 is that emotion reinforces memory.  It makes a lot of sense, right?  The more emotion you surround your experiences with, the more it reinforces them.  We all have micro-traumas that we deal with and how we deal with them is important… determines our outlook, how we will handle things in the future and how our children and their children will approach them.  Every morning we wake up, in some respects we “press the play button” and the things you do on auto-pilot are determined to a large extent as to how you CHOOSE to react to individual situations as we described above.

Did you react to your last bad golf shot or your poor review with the boss like you just went thru an audit with the IRS?  Or did you smile afterward and think either “I’m gonna get the best review of all time next time we meet” or “I’ll knock it in from there”?  Makes a big difference overall.

Of all the things you will go thru today, some will be pleasing, some will not.  Life doesn’t go the way we want it to.  There are a lot of curve balls that will come your way today.  It’s a lock.   How will you handle them?  It completely determines your future self.

Here are the top 3 questions I like to ask people that ask us for some help…….these are good ones you may want to use or ask yourself:

1.        Do you spend more of your day fist pumping or throwing clubs?  It’s a metaphor for celebration over gloom. How do you handle a letdown, a game played less than par, or a disappointing dinner with your friend? Your perception and how you choose to think about these situations is entirely in your control and will make a difference in how you feel the rest of the day, week, etc. and also how you feel about the game/person moving forward.

2.       Are you spending a lot of your time in life suffocating with perfection and comparison like so many others?  Its human nature to compare yourself, your situation and your life to others as you make observations. We can break the cycle but it’s gonna take some work. You aren’t Joe and Joe isn’t you. Stop the comparison and judgment and live your life (and make it the best you can).  Great lives are lived by CREATING who you are.  All of your decisions cause a CREATION of you.

3.       Do you appreciate how good you are or are you constantly critical of yourself?  You can choose to spend a lot of time thinking how good you are, or you can let everyone know how miserable you are.  Those are the 2 extremes you get to choose from.  Is your default mechanism “I’m ok at these things that aren’t that important, but I’m not very good at these and it’s just killing me?”……..or is it “Man I’m good at a lot of things and I have a couple things to work on but I’m on it!”  Most people’s default mechanism is to dwell on all the things they can’t do.

People will end up veering away from you the longer you’re “Mr. Doom and Gloom” who constantly finds things to complain about. An old quote I’ve used that really resonated with people is “Are you a battery charger or a battery drainer?”

A great way to go thru the day is to spend a lot of time in thought about “Wow, that felt great when I had that good meeting with Bob this morning.  I felt like I really explained myself well and he got the point.”  That’s healthy.  That’s not arrogance.  That’s how we are supposed to talk to ourselves. Arrogance is what happens when mediocrity recognizes success.

Get emotional about the GOOD things that happen to you and the things you’re good at!  Let the things go that aren’t that great, and teach it to your kids.  Every time you overreact…… something bad…….you are just making it 10 times worse.  Is the IRS really auditing your every move?  I don’t think so.  Reaction causes reinforcement.

A poor shot isn’t a poor shot to ruin your day, but a shot that has happened to provide you with feedback.  And that feedback can help you get better.

Your brain is recording what you are doing.  Make your own “play” button what you want it to be.