Can I trust you?

Team Trust


Sometimes great lessons hit you when you least expect them.  And those tend to be the most impactful.  On a random Thursday, a few weeks ago I was chatting with a very bright peer at the office and discussing how we bring people together and create even more teamwork within our leadership teams.  A rant began right there.  A full on rant.  As my friend moved from one seat to another and imitated great people and then those of a weaker mindset, with papers crumpled in hand, she uttered my new favorite leadership principles as she posed these questions to the air in the room………..”Do you care if I succeed?  Can I trust you?”

It hit me like a ton of bricks and I ran directly over to the whiteboard and wrote it down.  So powerful.  Think about what teamwork is…..THAT’S WHAT IT IS!!!

Do you care if I succeed and can I trust you?

Not sure I know how to say it any better, or if there was a more powerful moment for me in 2014 thus far.  Use it in your life to decide if you are surrounded in the correct environment by the right people. The best people truly care if everyone around them succeeds and fully trusts them to accomplish their goals as a whole.  Just as the best leaders excel when they have the care and full trust of their teams.