Self Induced Serial Destructionists



Job jumping never works. You ever notice that?  Why do people think that changing the job will make them better or more profitable/successful?

I call these people SELF INDUCED SERIAL DESTRUCTIONISTS.  They can’t see the truth.  It’s a big lie in their mind as to why they aren’t doing well.

The SISD often tells himself things to make himself feel better.  If I had a better boss.  If the company didn’t do x.  If my co-workers could just see y.

It’s nuts really.

Why does the SISD do this?  He’s on a mission!!  To run from everything that could be good.  Why?  CAUSE IT’S HARD TO DO BIG THINGS.  The SISD loves to waste their talent.  Complaining is easier than working.  Wasting talent isn’t seen in the SISD’s mind cause the SISD is too busy trying to convince everyone that it’s everything around them and the circumstances and not the SISD himself.

It’s hard to take a good look at what you could be doing better…Success doesn’t come without doing what’s hard.  If success were easy, everyone would do it…
The SISD would rather just talk.  Flap his lips.  Not really do what needs to be done.  The SISD wants to do what’s easy.

I have news for the SISD……and an old quote that is true for you.

“Give what they greedy man won’t and you will get what the greedy man wants.”