Service Matters

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At the end of the day we are almost all in the same business.  Surprised?  You shouldn’t be.  Whatever you are offering is probably being offered by someone else and the consumer is typically making the decisions based on one thing and one thing only……SERVICE.

Why is it so easy to get this wrong?  Because GREAT SERVICE by a human or an organization is hard by definition.  Show me something where service is always flawless from A to Z and I will look at you in shock.

Recent experiences with Delta Airlines, Comerica Bank, and AT and T (yea that is a teaser for future blogs) have all taught me that GREAT SERVICE isn’t the norm, it’s the exception.

What is main reason for this?  Most people that work at most companies don’t care about you.  Sound harsh?  Think about it.  Laughing with their buddies over a beer about the “guy that needed help and it was already near 5pm” doesn’t wreak of care or SERVICE does it?  The philosophical compass of most doesn’t direct them to you to insure an incredible experience.  It leads them somewhere else………like to the bondage of self where many mediocre souls rest and wait for the next selfish thought they can act on that has nothing to do with YOU and/or what you need.

Think about service.  Think about how hard it is.  Cause my experiences (metric to be used) is 0 for 3 in recent history.  more soon on this……..