Is your grass green?

Green Grass

My cashier last night at the grocery store…

Sometimes it’s easy to question if you are in the right place in the world.  Your mind plays tricks on you.  Just when you start to think the grass may be greener somewhere else, you need to realize that the grass is ONLY GREEN WHERE YOU WATER IT!
Here is the exchange……………..

Her: “How are you?”

Me: “Good, you?”

Her: “I’ll be better in ohhh 2 hours”

Me: “Why is that?”

Her: “I have to miss the beginning of The Voice…they asked me if I wanted to work OT and I said nope…it’s the girls fault who no call no showed…6 days a week is enough for me”

Me: “If you work OT you can afford a DVR and never have to miss a moment of The Voice….Boom”

Sometimes people have these opportunities right in front of them and don’t realize that if they just worked a little harder, they could have what they want.  Naturally as they reach the next point they will want something else and can use the same formula.  We are all capable of getting to where we want to go, it all depends on who’s willing to put in the REAL work to get there or not.

My 4 Rules



These are my top 4 rules that I had written down from a while ago on how to CREATE a great team.  Wanted to share. You probably already have your own…… to how you run your own teams.  If you have some would love to see them in the comments below.   I think that these 4 allowed me to help grow people.  I subconsciously try to do a lot of them everyday……….

1.  Create a community where people drive 94 miles an hour to work and don’t want to leave.
2.  Make sure people know that you care about them a lot personally and professionally.  Like I mean CARE ABOUT THEM A LOT!!
3.  Push people hard.  Really hard. Have a vision for them at way higher levels then they have for themselves.  Really get them out of their box and don’t let them get comfortable.  They can do way more.  Believe that.  If you don’t, there is no way that they will.  You are the leader.  Show it.  EVERY DAY.
4.  Inspire them like no other.  Get them pumped up.  Jazzed.  Energized.  Lots of people are walking thru life half asleep.  WAKE EM UP.  Catch them doing lots of things right.  LOTS OF THINGS.  People love love love love attention, feedback, and to have someone else give a crap about them as a human being.  Most don’t.  Especially notice small stuff.  What they wear, something funny they did.  And make it so motivational in the workplace that they can’t wait for you to come around the corner and tell them the next bananas thing you just thought of.

THINK POSITIVE – Lessons from Dad

Think PositiveLessons from dad…………..

Put people in a position to succeed and give them lots of positive feedback

What happens to people when you set them up for success and tell them they are great?  Well if they are hungry………..they become great!!!  Is it this simple?  Yes.  How do I know?

Exhibit A………….the Hall household growing up……………dad comes in to wake you up when you are 8 years old and is super upbeat and he INFECTS you with POSITIVE vibes…………”dad, I don’t want to get up, I want to sleep”…………………”you have to get up boy…….you are destined to become great and today is going to be a great day for you”….

Now repeat and repeat and repeat like 2800 days in a row…………think that builds a winner’s mindset?

Thanks Dad……

Try this on your kids for a winning formula…..sound simple?  Some of the best things in life are simple.  Super simple.  And fun!!!


Life is not a game of Perfect…..but it sure is fun trying………


Why do we think we’re supposed to be great at something right off the bat? And when we’re not great at this thing, why do we become so exasperated? This frustration when learning new things often causes many of us to quit the thing & walk away feeling like a failure. To illustrate how silly this behavior is let’s apply it to a couple of things most of us have done for a long time.

Let’s take eating for example. As a species, we have a very long history of eating. As individuals, eating is one of the things we’ve done longest in our lives. Yet some of us still choke and die while eating. Does this mean we need to stamp out the menace that is food? Does this mean we are bad eaters? Of course not. If you choke on your food — and don’t die —it just means that you need to be a bit more focused on what you’re doing.

Let’s take walking as another example. Most of us have done it for most of our lives but will, on occasion, still stumble over a crack in the sidewalk. If we’re really not paying attention sometimes we even stumble over absolutely nothing at all.

You would presume someone crazy if, after stumbling over a crack in the sidewalk, they burst into tears, sobbing, “I’m such a horrible walker! I should just quit!” Yet we exhibit this type of behavior. So I remind myself that I’m not perfect and, more importantly, I never will be. I mean, I’ve spent 99.5% of my life walking yet I still stumble on occasion.

Hold on — let me tweak that last sentence a bit:

I’ve spent 99.5% of my life practicing walking yet I still stumble on occasion.

It’s a lot more realistic to say that I practice walking. I’ll never do it perfectly, right? So I’m always just practicing it. And since there’s nothing (absolutely nothing!) I’ll ever do perfectly 100% of the time that means everything I do is just practice.

I practice being nice to people. I practice being on time for work. I practice saving money. All these things are things I’m not perfect at doing — in fact some of them I’m quite bad at. However, because I continue to practice, I get better at them over time. And when I remember that everything is just practice the result is that I don’t view myself as a failure when the things I do don’t get me the results I hoped they would. And because I haven’t failed it’s easier to pick myself up, dust myself off, and practice some more.

Looking at life from this slightly shifted perspective affords me an opportunity to be more patient with myself and, in turn, more patient with others. They’re just practicing, too, right?

So far I’ve yet to be able to remember this all the way through a morning rush hour. I’ll let you know when I can do that… but I need some more practice.