10 confusing and advanced (if you are really bad) Communication techniques that make me scratch my head

1. “I thought you spoke to them”

o  Assumptive, don’t hope that they spoke to that someone, make sure of it ahead of               time.

2. “It’s a Fact”

o People are persuaded by reason. Why is it a fact? What makes it a fact? When                 stating ‘’it’s a fact,’’ it sounds like a cop out, like you don’t know why it is a fact                     yourself. Give detail!

3. “Didn’t you read the email/memo about that?”

o Most people glance over emails and memos. If you send something important out,              follow up with the people that need to really know/understand it and ensure you                   take the time to TALK to them about it. Don’t assume people understand their level            of accountability to the topic.

4. “This is always how we’ve done it”

o Assumption that because we’ve always done something a certain way that:

I. Its Right

II. Everyone knows why/how, etc. it’s done.

III. It has anything to do with the fact that you still didn’t communicate on it great.

5. “There was a lot of time to prepare for this/get this done, so I didn’t have the chance to let everyone know/explain it further, etc.”

o Excuses. Victim.

o Not only are you a poor communicator, but saying this shows you can’t prioritize                and don’t take ownership.

6. “There have been meetings about this with____. I figured it was covered or you knew.”

o Shame on you for not including the appropriate people in the meeting/discussion.                Again you’re relying on OTHER people to do what you are responsible for. And by              nature, remember, people aren’t great communicators, so what makes you think                everyone is going to follow up with other people on your behalf?

7. “I thought I told you that”

o Maybe you did, but it wasn’t clear.

o More is better. Over-communicate! Most people under-communicate                                    tremendously, and think they’re good communicators. Donk THINK you told                        someone, KNOW that you told them because you’re a great communicator.

8. “I meant to call you”

o Do it now, not “I meant to.” Communication is now, not later. Take ownership.

9. “I figured you knew that”

o Assumptive, horrible, sucks the life out of organizations.

o Just because one person knows, don’t assume others associated will know as                  well.

10. “__________”

o Confused? Most people are by no acknowledgement or response. Are they                        working on it? Are they ignoring it? No-one knows….. ALWAYS acknowledge and              respond to messages you receive (email, voicemail, etc.

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