Is your personal agenda more important than the team?

Colin Kaepernick.  What else do I need to say? Well this, apparently, and it’s going to be short and sweet like Colin’s career.

I am growing tired and perplexed by why people are confused about why no team wants him.

Has nothing to do with his politics.  Has nothing to do with his views.  Has nothing to do with black and white.

Has 100,000 percent everything to do with this:  You can’t be the leader of the team/company/business and put your own personal agenda ahead of winning.  You can’t.  It’s the number 1 rule of anything if you want to be successful.

And he broke it.

And he’s done.

It doesn’t matter how talented you are. It doesn’t matter the hours you put in. You play as a team, on and off the field.

So the lesson for all of us.  Put yourself ahead of the team.  And you lose.  And you should.


Monday July 3rd: A work day amidst the holiday weekend.

What percentage of future millionaires and high achievers do you think took Monday, July 3rd off?  Well, in my advanced calculations, mostly based on experience, thought, talking to other people, and a scientific formula I can’t reveal…less than 5%.  Which means 95% of all future millionaires in 2036 who are in their 20s or early 30s today were working Monday.  They weren’t at the zoo or the beach getting wasted (and wasting their time), they were hustling!

Why is that?  There are a few reasons I can think of…

1.    All opportunists look for times to work when others aren’t, in order to “get ahead”. They’re focused on the bigger picture and don’t let a weekday that falls before a holiday to fog that vision.
2.    Monday, July 3rd was sort of an optional holiday.  Most self-made millionaires (opposite of Daddy’s money millionaires) don’t take holidays off, much less optional holidays.
3.    The desire to achieve is higher than their desire to be on the lake.  That’s why they are millionaires.  It’s not an accident.  It’s full of purpose.

Now, does this blog mean “don’t take time off” or “don’t have fun”?  Of course not.  Do I also take into account that a lot of people don’t care about being a millionaire.  Absolutely.  Most don’t want to.

But if you do, and if you aspire for that, think about this blog and internalize it on the next Monday sort of holiday.  And decide if you’d rather see your friends at the bar or at the bank.


Habits, old adages, inspiration and modeling

Wanted to share a message with everyone that I sent to my team last Saturday.  We are now 60 strong at Hall Financial and you can never give enough examples of hard work and the importance of knowing there are no shortcuts.

Have a great week……….

Happy Saturday morning and welcome to the next opportunity you have to be great.   That would be TODAY.   Yea, we all woke up today and some people are going to do something with today and some are not.  My first advice would be to “be a somebody” today.

I was extremely fortunate to grow up with 2 hard working parents as models for me to watch.  I learned good habits at a young age cause my parents both put a strong value on working hard and giving a lot of effort.  As I have gotten older I realize that everyone doesn’t have this advantage.  If you have this, be grateful……..if you don’t, get a mentor asap that you can watch and observe so those work habits/ethics can become a part of who you are.  If you don’t know how to do that, email me and I will be that for you or I will find you one.

My Dad was the first person in his family to ever go to college.  His dad (my grandfather) was illiterate.  Couldn’t read or write and was dirt poor.   Had no money and no advantages in life   I always was aware that if my dad could go to college (and medical school) coming from absolutely nothing with a dad that wasn’t able to read or write…….then a son of a Doctor better have his shit together……and I took that challenge on very seriously.   It always bothered me when rich kids thought they were rich cause their parents were rich.   I didn’t want to be like that.

So why am I telling you all this?   Because there is NO SUBSTITUTE in life for hard work.   Putting the time into your goals and dreams is the only way to get there.   A lot of people think they can get to where they want to go with a scam or a scheme or that because they are smarter they can cut corners.  It does not work like that.  Believe me, if it were available I would have done it.  Hard work is tough and the only way to talk yourself into becoming anything, is when you realize “the pain of ultimately not hitting your potential in life, is way worse than the pain of working hard”.   Once you realize how true that is, you have a real and true shot to “hit your potential” and live out what your dreams look like.

So here is today’s lesson.

Habits…… either have them or you don’t…….good news is that I’m here and I can help you if you need it.

Old adages……..hard work is the only way to get to anything great.  It’s true so accept it.

Inspiration………my Dad really inspired me and I fed off of that.  Find your inspiration daily and don’t let go of it.

Modeling…… parents showed me the way.  If you don’t have anyone to show you the way, see me and I can help you with this.

Have a great Saturday.  Make it count.  And remember that “your ceiling of your potential” is probably higher than you even know.  So push yourself in an extreme way so you can discover it.


Burn Your Ships, Ignite Your Confidence, and Douse Your Fear.

burn the ships

Is it a bit of an overstatement to say, “Nobody goes all in with their goals anymore”?    Maybe a little but I see this increasingly as a problem in people that are trying to do big things.

It’s always, “well if this doesn’t happen, then at least I’ll have this.” I often wonder if this mentality sets us up to fail because we’re subconsciously aware of that safety net. There’s the fighter and the runner. What happens when you don’t have the option to run? You fight. Your survival instincts take over. When failure isn’t an option, you adjust your course to reach your goals.

There is something to be admired about the Spanish conquistador Hernan Cortes before he was feared as too powerful and therefore stripped of said power. Upon arriving to Veracruz with 600 men, he ordered his men to destroy the ships. Upon reaching new, unfamiliar ground, they burned their safety net. Only two people exist in the world at this point: those who believe it’s absolutely foolish and those who want that level of confidence.

Two years after the burning of the ships, he gained control of Mexico. The Aztec Empire fell. His conquest was successful.

If you want to not only chase your dreams but achieve your dreams, you need to have a one option mindset. And that one option needs to be Success. Nothing else. Cortes knew that by removing the option of fleeing, he was removing the option of quitting. There was no going back.

That’s pretty damn powerful: burn the ships. Imagine how you would tackle your goals if you knew failing wasn’t an option.

As you head into your week, mentally remove all those safety nets—the backup job as a bartender, relocating to another department in another state, the idea you’ll just work out twice as hard the next day instead or will run off that donut later, you’ll always have next year, there’s always next time, etc. Remove all of it. Lay out the path of success. What does it look like?

Do you feel the chains of negativity break? Can you feel the freedom?

This week, burn your ships.


The biggest thing we can learn about the Fox News/CNN phenomenon.

I am a bit of a purist.  I like traditional things and in some areas I’m sort of old fashioned. I sort of long for the days when George Kell and Al Kaline would bring me Tiger baseball in my youth.  Man those were some great memories and certainly a reminder of my days growing up and what television was to me.  All sports all the time and Kell and Kaline giving it to me straight.

In my view, recent television has for the most part moved more and more to “reality TV”…which of course is what sports is.  But these days it’s not about sports at all.  The more real the tv the better………..girl’s feelings get crushed on the Bachelor, ratings go sky high………Trump forcibly says “you’re fired” on The Apprentice and everyone tunes in……….Survivor—hey you’re outta here.  You’re kicked off the Island!!  We can’t get enough.

So I get it………….

Now, the rawest form of reality TV is on display 24/7 these days in the form of CNN/Fox News.  And it has sort of always amused me that the “news” they broadcast that is so biased in one way or another, draws so much attention.  Then it occurred to me…..this is the latest in reality TV.  But this unintended version of reality tv has a new twist.   As much as it walks the line of reality TV, it walks right up the kazoo of “CONFIRM MY PERSONAL BELIEF SYSTEM”.  And that’s new.  We’ve gone from entertain me with sports……to surprise me with pure reality/heart break……to sprinkle some reality into telling me how smart I am.

You see, people don’t watch Fox or CNN that much as to see the “reality” of it, but to continue to reinforce their own thought processes.  And deepen them.  And confirm them.   Makes us feel better when we do that.

Wouldn’t someone really advanced in thinking and so “impassioned” by the “GOD DARN GOVERNMENT” want to seek to understand the other side of the aisle instead of just reconditioning all that they know or think to be the single source of truth?  Of course they would.  So why don’t many delve into the other side with an open mind?  Because by nature we aren’t open minded.  We hold on tight to what we believe because it makes us feel better.

When it comes to politics, do we actually know all the facts?  Isn’t it true we probably know about 17% of what’s really going on?  All the back room deals and internal stuff happening that we have no idea about doesn’t stop us from forming strong opinions though, does it?

I continue to scratch my head about “absolutes” in life as there really aren’t that many.

For the most part, I have found myself to be served well by the following rules:

1.      There are 3 sides to every story.
2.      There is always information you don’t know.
3.      Politics is really dirty and these guys get paid to spin their story, not tell the “truth”.
4.      There is a lot of money to be made in television because the broadcasters get ratings.  Not because they are right.

Me? I’ll stick with George Kell and Al Kaline.  I think they tell me the truth.  I’m sort of a purist that way.


One of life’s great questions…….If I work hard and earn it, do I deserve good things?

I think there is a fundamental basic principle of becoming successful that we need to identify in both the people we are leading and in the people we value.   Day in and day out.  Basic and important.

This is the core of it all and it’s important everyone can answer YES to the question at the root..   And it’s this.…….
“Do I deserve to have good things if I work hard to earn them?”

My goal is to make sure my future children are raised in a manner that they know this to be true.  That they realize they are deserving if they put in the work.  That they are representative of all that is good in the world and as such, they should “go for it” and “get it”.

But MANY have not been raised in such an environment.
Isn’t it crazy that some people don’t even think they are deserving of great things if they bust their ass?  The mind never gets to “how to” because it’s stuck in “I don’t”.
Getting people to build their own self-esteem is a very rewarding process.  And it all starts with helping people believe in themselves.

Helping people to believe in themselves and achieve more involves 3 big thoughts in my view:

1.  You deserve it and you better believe you do.

2.  I see something in you that you may not see in yourself.

3.  I enjoy recognizing your strengths because I believe you will succeed.

You let those 3 prevail, you’re in business.   Big time.

Fully feeling that you deserve to have great things if you put in the work is not a given with people in today’s world.  Many people have had to suffer through some bad wiring and poor mentorship prior to you leading them.   Recognize that some people have a tough time with this concept and it can take time.  Surprisingly some people fumble to respond to “Why should I choose you over the other guys/gals?”   I’m hoping that as good leaders, we teach people to speak well of themselves, have confidence and feel they DESERVE great things when they work at it.  And then go after them! They can’t just want to be chosen, they need to know they deserve to be chosen and they need to believe in themselves to get it done.

Believing in oneself is half the battle but what if they don’t believe in themselves?   They need LEADERSHIP.   Positivity.

First and foremost, make sure they know they deserve it.

That’s what you’d do for your own kids right?


Mother’s Day is Legit Legit.

Moms Are Superheroes.

In the Hall household growing up, May was a big month. My brother was born in May. Mother’s Day is in May. In fact, my momma’s-boy brother was born in 1974 on Mother’s Day!!  What a gift!!

One thing I learned more than anything from my mom………moms like cool things.  They like cool lingo.  They want to be a part of the action.  They don’t like being left out.  People used to ask my mom why she watched so much Sports Center and she would reply “with a house full of boys I don’t like being left out of the conversation.”  That pretty much sums up how cool my mom was in general.

Moms also like controversy.  Controversy can be fun.  I falsely accused my mom when I was 14 years old in a moment of weakness of “shrinking my laundry on purpose”.  Yea I actually said that to her.  She thought I was nuts for sure…and she also thought it was funny.  It made me feel better when I later apologized for “wrongly accusing her”.  She asked me if I knew I was nuts.  I didn’t realize it at 14.

Of all the holidays, Mother’s Day is the best and most important.   Moms matter. A lot. (Remember my blog about birthdays and how we should really be celebrating your mother instead of you?) They do stuff that really amazes me. I can make a list but I won’t.
Actually what the hell, I will.

1.  They tell you what you want to hear, at the exact moment you need to hear it.
2.  When you make big mistakes, they seem to understand the most that we are human.
3.  When good things happen they are by far the most proud.
4.  If things are really messed up and you need help, mom is always the go-to.
5.  If you feel like all is lost, mom will tell you that it’s not…..and somehow she knows the right answer.

My dad used to tell me “if you bring your mother a stick and tell her it’s a gift she will love it”. Mom’s love is probably as unconditional as it gets. She knows your flaws. She defends you to the end. She has your back unwaveringly.

So today is the day to call all moms in the world just to say “you are the bomb” (or whatever cool thing you want to say).

May is a month that moms should be celebrated.  My mom passed away 6 years and 5 days ago…In May.  May is always Mom’s month in my heart.

Hug all moms today.  It’s not the right thing to do, it’s the only thing to do.



[Originally posted on May 9, 2016]

And I submit to you on this Sunday………some perspective

This blog is short and sweet.  Cause the content of the video is so powerful.

I’ve been noticing lately how everyone seems to consider their own individual circumstances “so tough”.  The most curious quote I hear now is “I got a lot going on”, as if to imply that ALL THE THINGS these specific people have to deal with in their lives are unimaginable in degree of difficulty.  It’s a mechanism for them to cope with the fact they have trouble managing their own personal lives.   I actually have shifted my attitude about all of this from angry to amused.  I mean, do you really think you have so very much going on than anyone else?  And do you really think this is what Fortune 500 CEO’s tell their Board of Directors when things get rough at home, they have children, or if they purchase a new home?   I don’t think so.

Anyway, back to the story.  This is for all my peeps with the “worst of circumstances” (yes this is sarcasm)…I submit to you, PERSPECTIVE!

Basically the end of the interview goes a little like this…”If I could grant you one wish, would you want to have arms?”

The response given by this kid tells you everything about who he has become in a very short amount of time on this earth. It will blow your mind. And give you some good Sunday morning perspective.

Watched it 5 times and can’t make it through without crying yet.

Let’s all get a grip.


My good ole days haven’t happened yet.

good ole days

I hear a lot of people talking about what they used to do and referring to their past.  A lot.  It makes me wonder why people don’t focus or talk as much about the future as they do about the past.

I’m not saying to forget about how you got here and forgot all the great memories and milestones of your life. I’m simply saying there’s more ahead!   Lots more.  Your past, your experiences and your choices all brought you to where you are today.  But I hear a lot of people dwelling on the past.  Your “best days are ahead” if you choose to live and think that way.

I remember when I was in my early-mid 20’s (a few years back) and my buddies would talk a lot about the “glory days” of high school.  Why all the focus on the past?  Even today I hear old friends talk about “the good ole’ days” from 10 or 20 years ago.  Are the glory days in your past or in your future…….

Personally I aspire to live my life with an approach that my “best days” are ahead of me.  And from now on, I am re-affirming my commitment to myself to focus 99% of my mental energy on the present, not the past. I heard a Ted Talk a while back that resonated with me and the best line of the whole thing aside from the kickass message, was “Live with your future self in mind.”  Every decision you make, every time you find yourself at a crossroad, every approach and response to situations in life… live with your future self in mind.  Everything we do shapes our future.

Let’s learn from the past, appreciate that it got you to where you are today, and molded who you are today…but try to spend 100 percent (not 99) of our time talking about today and the future.

Our best day is today.  The only thing that could be better than today is tomorrow.  And that isn’t always guaranteed.

All of your thinking is a choice.  If you think your best days are ahead, you’re right.  If you think your best days are over, you’re right.
Your life is your own creation.  You are the director of how you choose to think.


Is this really what we’ve come to as a society? This is embarrassing.

What the hell is wrong with people?  I mean really.  We have kids (KIDS!) playing a game. And here we have adults threatening to kill referees?  I often tell people that there is very little in life you should be “embarrassed about”.  You hit a bad golf shot, who cares.  You called a girl the wrong name on the 2nd date, it happens.  Your potluck didn’t taste very good at the company party, such is life.  Then we look at these Kentucky folks, and it takes embarrassment to a whole new level.

I bet I’m killing you with anticipation and questions, so let’s get into it. Let’s give this story some context on just how bad it is and why I’m so outraged.
First, let’s recall a few other similar stories…

I’ll never forgive the city of Chicago for the deplorable and disgusting behavior towards Steve Bartman when he tried to catch a ball and the city blamed the Cubs’ loss on him.

How about the Boston fans that vilified Bill Buckner when he made an error?  That’s right, he made an error.  And many of the sick lunatics of the general public made it out to seem as if he had committed a felony.  Classy Boston fans at their finest!

But just when I thought that Boston and Chicago had topped the charts with ridiculously silly fans (not all, just those of you that participated in the madness) here comes the worst of them all.   Kentucky “fans”.  And I put it in quotes ‘cause these people need to get a grip. We have kids playing a game they love and these “fans” didn’t like the calls made by the refs.  So what do they do? Threaten to kill referees?  And ruin their businesses?  Seems normal.

Sick, sick, sick people.  Really.  Get a grip and grow up.

And what’s this all about?  It’s all about a frickin’ game.  A game.  Not life or death.  Not my friend with cancer.  Nobody committed a heinous crime against them.  We’re simply talking about a game!

I think if they find the people that are doing this, they should haul their parents into a court or jurisdiction of some sort, and tell them they did a really poor job raising their children…and make them promise to never have any more.  Because if my future children act like this, it will be the low point of my life and I will have failed.

Read on and try to internalize how crazy this is.  I mean this is really, really crazy that grown people act like this.  This 21st century mob mentality social media insanity is for lunatics and we need to realize this is not how we should conduct ourselves as human beings.  If we were animals, maybe.  And I mean maybe.

Let’s get a hold of ourselves people.  These are games played by kids.  Let’s lead by example for a better future, not be an embarrassment to the human race.


Hundreds of Kentucky fans’ threats against ref under investigation-

Interestingly, I also came across this article that made me think there is hope for humanity!!